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The Alien Invasion

Two months have passed since the first attack of the Decia, and invasion of Australia is winding down. Much of that continent is wasteland now, but human forces are largely victories. The aliens occupy only small, isolated pockets throughout the backcountry.
Alien attacks have now been concentrated in raids against various sections of the world. Human defenses are able to fight off most of the smaller raids, but not without significant disruption and loss of life. Moreover, in areas where centralized control has collapsed (such as the Mideast, Africa, much of South America, and other pockets across the world) the human defenses are ineffective or nonexistent.

The Magi

The United Confederacy of Nations has also passed Resolution #21 which officially recognizes the Magi as having rights to their existence and powers. Furthermore, many of the militaries across the world are openly recruiting Magi into their armed forces.
However, this is nothing more than a heirarchical measure – many, if not most, governments maintain their original positions regarding the magi (meaning they see the magi as a danger). Furthermore, magi are distrusted by most sections of almost all societies. In official capacities, they are tolerated, but little more. Thus most magi choose to keep their powers secret, while many still remain underground altogether.

California and the August Assaults

Roughly one week ago, San Diego was hit in one of the most extensive Decian raids since the first invasion. The city was largely destroyed and almost all of its military facilities knocked out. The devastation has unhinged all of Southern California; with the loss of the American military forces in the city, Los Angeles and its associated urban area lies virtually unprotected against further raids from the skies. Refugees by the millions are fleeing from the area and government control has completely broken down in many areas, especially in Los Angeles.
This has resulted in the California legislature providing the Governator emergency powers, and thus Schwartzenager has declared martial law throughout the state. Military personnel have flowed into the area to stabilize it, but this is still in the initial stages and chaos still reigns throughout much of the southern portions of the state.
The attack on San Diego was not an isolated incident, either. In what has been labeled the “August Assaults,” Decian ships and soldiers struck in force across a half dozen cities on the planet’s surface, including Huntington, Wuhan, and Vladivostok. Each city had an important strategic or military significance. The results have been chaos in the UCN legislature and amongst the national governments affected; most military and scientific leaders have recommended that the UCN’s Planetary Defense Forces stationed in space be concentrated so as to allow humanity to gain isolated space superiority in various areas across the globe. Political leaders, however, are demanding that space forces be dispersed to provide universal defenses against future assaults.

In our particular campaign, the city of Moreno Valley in Riverside County is acting as an evacuation route for citizens leaving San Diego. Interstate 215 has become a single direction route leading straight north, clogged with refugees, vehicles, and military personnel. Humanitarian and relief camps have been set up on the sides of the road, and thus the valley, and are attempting to serve as many people as possible.

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