The Lost Song

Session Log
What's Happened So Far

Session #1: July 17th, 2011

The session began with Nick Sharp’s deployment to Moreno Valley. With his orders, he was to report to the commissioner of the police agency in town to begin an investigation regarding magi moving through with the refugees leaving San Diego. The city was completely clogged with people moving north. Upon reaching the police station, he was initially accosted by the receptionist; dealing with the throngs of people, she was unable to recognize the gravity of Nick’s position. Eventually, however, he was shown to the commissioner’s office.

The commissioner was sitting in a posh office on the top floor of the police station. After speaking with him for a few moments, he partnered Nick with one of the lieutenants working on the profiling of the refugees, Jacob Anderson. Nick went down to meet Jacob; the only profile he’d been able to work on was that for a Rachel Williams. Due to her dossier, Nick believed her to be a person of interest, so the two of them left from the police station to check out a Ms. Vanessa Abram’s camp where she was last spotted.

Because the roads were completely clogged, the two took horses to maneuver through the traffic more quickly. Upon reaching Abram’s camp, Nick spotted several bikers passing through the traffic, but nothing appeared too dangerous; in the distance he could see a commotion.
They were met by one of the volunteer workers, a girl named Jennifer, who showed them inside the main tent for the invalid camp. Vanessa explained what she was attempting to do; Jacob began to question her about the suspect and Vanessa very thoroughly explained what she had experienced. While this was going on, Nick heard more commotion outside and exited the tent; the noises were being caused by a gang on a fairly large truck. On its cab was mounted a Decian corpse impaled with an M-16. The thugs were waving guns in the air and knocking vehicles out of their way. Nick rushed back into the tent to tell everyone what was going on.

Vanessa and Jacob were arguing; Jacob was trying to get a potential lead on where Rachel might have gone while Vanessa seemed insistent on protecting her interests as a person. By the time Nick was able to get a word in, a shot was heard from outside. Nick and Jacob immediately grabbed their weapons and rushed outside. They told Vanessa to stay in the tent, but she was adamant on going outside to assist.

Once outside of the tent, the group spotted the truck pulled up directly in front of them. Two of the ruffians had gotten out; one had shot the volunteer in the chest. As soon as the gang saw the men in uniforms, they pointed weapons and began to fire at and taunt them. Immediately Nick and Jacob rushed to engage; Jacob rushed towards where they had tied up the horses, killing one of the men that had gotten out of the truck. Nick simply charged forwards with his shotgun, blasting the other thug away. Vanessa ran to try and help the volunteer; one glance at her told Vanessa that she had been fatally wounded, and Ms. Abram began to pull her behind the tent.

Nick and Jacob continued to fight, and the gang’s courage was undermined by seeing two of their number gunned down in the initial fight. One of them jumped over the side of the truck and took off, but the three at the back that did not see their two leaders go down hopped out and began running around behind Jacob, shooting at the crowd as they went. They injured two more civilians as they did so.

Nick took cover behind an abandoned car, and continued to blast away the thugs remaining on the truck. One of the horses near Jacob tore its holding rope, and Rich lept up in the saddle. He rode the horse straight into the thugs, trampling one of them, and blasted the other two away with his shotgun. After taking care of those two, and seeing that Nick was engaging the truck, Jacob jumped off his horse to attempt to help the wounded bystanders that the thugs had shot.

Vanessa, meanwhile, pulled the mortally wounded Jennifer behind the tent and tried to tie a jacket over her to stem her bleeding (for what good it would do). As she did so, she heard a high-pitched elderly voice call from behind her,
“Wait jussa minute, baby, lemme take a-look.”
Vanessa got up to see Rachel lean over the dying girl; she pulled out a small hand Bible, opened it to Psalms 116, and began speaking the psalm – but did so in a way where she almost sang the verses, punctuating them as if she was in a spiritual service. As she did so, the flesh of the volunteer’s body mended before Vanessa’s eyes and filled in, restoring her to perfect health in the space of only a few seconds. As Vanessa stared in abject awe and wonder, she heard Richie call “Doctor!” from the front of the tent, and Rachel smiled to her and said,
“God bless ya, baby.”
She then turned to walk away, and Vanessa had to run to the front of the tent to assist – she was not able to follow where Rachel went.

Nick meanwhile had managed to kill one of the two remaining thugs in the truck, and as he did so he could see the last one banging on the cab, yelling for the driver to go. Determined to keep them from escaping, Nick rushed forwards and just barely grabbed the handle of the driver’s side car door. Above, the thug pulled down so that he had cover from any fire Nick might have, and the driver sped off as much as possible, slamming into and pushing a car from in front of him. Most of the people around had already scattered, so the driver was able to gain some speed as he approached the next vehicles in front of the truck; he was obviously attempting to push enough vehicles out of the way to clear a path for the truck to get away at a decent rate of speed.
Hanging on by his fingers and sheer body strength, Nick pulled out his Mac-10 – only to bust the window in. As he did so, the handle of the weapon gave way; though the window was broken open, he destroyed his automatic pistol in doing so. Still, he attempted to climb through the window and the driver had to lean far to the right to avoid him, his feet barely on the pedals and his hands clutching only the right-hand side of the steering wheel. With that, the driver slammed his fist on the roof of the cab, a signal for the thug there to fire off the side.
The thug did not have line of sight on Nick, but Nick did not have much room to maneuver, and two of the shots blasted right into his chest. He was wearing a bulletproof vest, but two bullets is nothing to scoff at – Nick had the wind knocked out of him, and he very nearly lost his grip on the truck. His hands slipped and he cut his arms to pieces on the broken glass, only holding on by the metal edges of the windowsill.
Unfortunately, this was all the driver needed to swerve the truck into a nearby car. Nick saw the swerve but could do nothing about it; he let go of the truck just as it slammed into the sedan. Nick was thrown into it and bounced off; the shock from the hit was almost enough to knock him out, but he was able to retain enough of his senses to roll away and wasn’t run over by the truck. After a few moments passed, Nick got up, holding his broken and bruised ribs, and tied part of his shirt over his cut arms to stem the bleeding.
The truck had passed on. Nick knew that even if they caught up with it later, the remaining gang members would have already fled on foot, and there was no way they could find them in the human flood. Further pursuit was pointless. With that, he began to limp back to the camp.

Vanessa and Jacob meanwhile were attending the two injured citizens in front of the tent. One of the bystanders was extremely hysterical, and tried to cling to either of them as they assisted; Vanessa eventually managed to calm her down. Jacob gave some quick first aid to the other patient. As they did this, Jacob quickly asked what she had done with the volunteer that was mortally wounded; as she was about to answer, Jennifer herself appeared, pale as a sheet, to everyone’s astonishment.

At that Vanessa relayed what had happened, and Jacob (and eventually Nick, who made his way back) listened intently. Nick stayed to receive medical attention and to ask questions about Rachel; Jacob on the other hand ran immediately behind the tent and attempted to call out to her or find her, to no avail. The paramedics and authorities were called, and within half an hour the camp was covered with EMS personnel and policemen. Nick informed Vanessa that he would remain at the camp in case Rachel showed up again; he was acutely interested in her and informed Jessica that she was a person of interest to his investigation. Jacob expressed his desire to return to the station; Nick, as technically his superior, allowed him to do so, but informed him that if he needed Jacob in the future, he would call for him. At that, we ended the session with Nick being patched up and speaking to Vanessa (who was still awestruck by what she had seen) and Jacob on horseback returning to the police headquarters.

9 opponents (8 thugs, 1 driver): 6 killed, 3 got away

Experience Points;
5 hours of gameplay x 2 Exp per hour = 10 Experience Points (Vanessa gets +1 because of the Fast Learner Advantage)

Under conventional Experience rules:
1 Exp (survival)
1 Exp (good roleplaying, universal)
1 Exp (plot progression, discovery of Rachel as person of interest)
1 Exp (plot progression, investigation of Vanessa’s camp)
1 Exp (successful conflict)
1 Exp (awesome/gutsy stuff, Jacob’s horse feat, Nick’s jumping on the truck, Vanessa’s balls in rushing out into the fight)
1 Exp (experience, discovery of magic [+1 more for Vanessa because she saw it])
1 Exp (experience, confirmation of Rachel as person of interest)
1 Exp (plot progression, continuation of investigation based at Vanessa’s camp)
1 Exp for Vanessa (Fast Learner Advantage)
Thus, under conventional rules, Exp awards would be 9 Exp for Jacob and Nick, 11 Exp for Vanessa.


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