Vanessa Abram

Director of a Women's Advocate NPO


Character Info


Physical (Tertiary)
Allure: 3, Constitution: 1, Reflex: 3, Strength: 1
Mental (Primary)
Charisma: 4, Comprehension: 4, Intelligence: 4, Perception: 4
Spiritual (Secondary)
Inspiration: 3, Intuition: 3, Presence: 3, Will: 3


Physical Skills (+0 to all)
Alertness (Expert): +2
Athletics (Regular): +1
Dexterity (Regular): +1
Unarmed (Regular): +1

Mental Skills (+2 to all)
Academics (Expert): +4
Medicine (Expert): +4

Spiritual Skills (+1 to all)
Culture (Regular): +2
Finance (Regular): +2
Persuasion (Regular): +2
Politics (Regular): +2
Streetwise (Expert): +3

Personal Stats

Initiative: 5
Movement: 6 m
Dodge: 4
Parry: 2
Unarmed Attack (Punch): 4, Number of Attacks: 1, Damage: 1 NL
Unarmed Attack (Kicking): 4, Number of Attacks: 1, Damage: 2 NL
Soak: 1
Resistance: 4
Conviction: 7
Hit Points: 6/6
Stamina: 2/2
Luck: 5

Martial Proficiencies

Light Armor (Regular): 100% Armor


Wealth: 7, $22,600 on hand
Structures: 1
Vehicles: 1

Advantages and Disadvantages

Fast Learner
Common Sense

Phobia (Fear of commitment to a relationship)
Moderate Code of Honor (Remain guarded when dealing with men; if not, she takes a cold shower for an hour)


Vanessa the director and primary counselor of the Monterrey Bay Women’s Advocacy Corporation. She has become independently wealthy since starting her company. However, she has had various bad relationships in the past, and coupled with her current profession she has a distinct distrust of men. She has come to Moreno Valley to assist with the refugees and scout out some new potential sites for the expansion of her NPO. She has long black hair, darkens easily in the sun, and has an average, athletic build.

Player: Jessica
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 4"
Weight: 140 lbs
Origin: Monterrey
Ethnicity: American Indian
Occupation: Counselor

Vanessa Abram

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