Have you ever listened to a song, and you hit a point where everything sort of “clicked?” Where you wanted to dance, you wanted to sing, you wanted to throw your fist in the air, you wanted to kiss the girl next to you? Where you fell into the groove?

Thought so. Everyone knows this feeling. It’s awesome. It’s incredible.

What if I told you that this feeling was more than just a feeling? What if I told you that this feeling was a door, and if you believe, truly, with all your heart and soul, you can step through that doorway – and take hold of this reality, and bend it into anything you want it to be?

What if I told you that Music was Power?

Several years ago, humanity found an enormous anomaly en route to our world, substantial enough to bring about the apocalypse. Instead of preparing ourselves, we collapsed into chaos.
In this dark time, a book has been found in the deserts of Egypt, an ancient tome that holds the revelation about the true nature of music – that it can reshape existence itself. In the epilogue, this book spoke of a final hope, a “Song that is Lost,” that will save mankind in its final hours.
Those final hours have come. For as the planet has at last pulled itself together, from the heavens above have spewed forth untold hordes of alien horrors, monsters called the “Decia”, intent upon destroying all that lay before them and annihilating our ability to deal with the harbinger of death they have sent.
Yet all is not lost. Those heeding the call of true music, the new Magi, distrusted and feared by many, have joined with the others that hold fast against the Decia. And our Earth stands, perhapes not united, but stands nonetheless, against all that is arrayed against it.

But is it enough? Can we defeat them? Can we save our world? Can we find this “Lost Song?”

The stage is set. Now let us find out.

There was a time once.
When we knew more than we do now.
When things we have lost were found.
A time of legends.
That time is gone.
It will not return.
This is the story of a different era.
Of the final days of our world.
And the hope that may lie at the end.
A hope that is lost.

The Lost Song

The Lost Song

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